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My 2 years old son

Golden Sunrise

I am a new VK user and have read the VK basics and understanding the usage. I am a working women and had gone thru a lot of personal turmoil during pandemic after delivery of my kid. I was working from home with my in laws at native then my office started so had to shift to Mumbai. Since my in laws are not happy to come to Mumbai, here my parents and brother, sister in law with their kid are there and so I keep my son who is 2 years.4 months old with them and leave for office. It's been a year i have been doing this but his behaviour is changing, he has started hitting his cousin who is 3 years old. He does not like the cousin playing with any object and snatches it from her and hits her. Infact he cries a lot for smallest thing as he wants that thing in any way and hits others and me. After coming from office i get drained out but I ensure to spend complete time with him. But his temper tantrums are giving me a hard time. He does not even let me visit washroom or take bath on holidays. Infact I don't get time to do anything other than being around him when i am at home.

Please can you help me on this. I am sending GS, SO7R, PHS, BCS, WGS, Balance Serum, Brain Serum. But please correct me on this if possible.


  • @Masi
    For your son its a change of place and people.
    And also you are now going to office adding to too many changes
    You can give him energy of BACH FLOWER REMEDY WALNUT , BACH FLOWER REMEDY RESCUE and MOOD UP SERUM for his mental strength and well being.
    When you are in office request VK to send energy of your (his mothers) hug and love to him.
    Request VK to make him feel secured and love.
    You need patience to deal with situation.
    You can take ALPHA WOMAN SERUM as much as you can along with MOOD UP SERUM and BRAVO SERUM if you feel you should take these energies
    Wishing you GOLDEN SUNRISE foe your motherhood
    Take care
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher

    Thank you Rakhi Mam for your response and I will definitely work on your advice. Many thanks to VK, respected Sharat Sir and respected VK teachers for your guidance to all of us.

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