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Sister in law and Mother in law doing black magic

I have been using vk to remove the effect of black magic done by my sister in law and mother in law on me, my husband and my father in law. But they both are not ready to stop. I have tried telling my husband but he is not believing me. This time they made my 1.5 year old daughter the target and I reached to that point where doctors told me to admit her in the hospital. Even doctors were shocked as all her reports were normal.
Respected Sharat Sir, I request you to please guide me how to use vk for bringing the truth of my sister in law and mother in law that they are involved in black magic and vashikaran in front of my husband and father in law. I have left my in laws place as I cannot make my child's life come in danger. Please suggest what I should request vk so that the truth of my sister in law and mother in law comes soon and I am able to save my family and married life ????????????


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