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Is astrology predictions are true ?

Golden sunrise @SharatSir
There is a basic question of mine that is astrology predictions true? Should we believe in astrology predictions and follow the remedies ? I recently visited a Tibetan medical where they saw my horoscope and they told me that I have many blockages in life and many such things related to my life and they told me to follow some remedies
So I just wanted to know about I would be great ful to know about the predictions does it tells truth or can we change what’s written in horoscope but our hard work


  • Dear @mahaveerchauhan28_
    Golden SunRise.
    Allow me to opine on your quarry.
    While the scientific community has rejected and refused to accept Astrology as a branch of knowledge, as it does not have any explanatory procedure of its prediction, Astrology cannot be ignored to be dismissed like that. To me it is the oldest source of knowledge known to mankind. Not only in India, it reigns throughout the world for its implications. So to me the Astrological predictions are true, but subjected to the person predicting. If an Astrologer is good at his interpretation, then he will surely give an authentic prediction about you.

    Now lets come to your point. Astrology gives you a forecast of your future course of life, which is highly volatile. There are many other things like your tenacity, karma, magnanimity, benevolence, Sins, ingratitude, jealousy, inexorability and more, that affects positively/negatively your future and makes it unpredictable.

    Therefore, I would suggest that in case your belief allows, you may adopt the remedies suggested by the Tibetian monk or whoever you have met. I think it will not harm you. But the best way is to follow what Sharat Sir has once said that "Live in your present, as it is the only truth and you own it, otherwise Past is History and Future is Myth. Embellish your present and keep doing good. You will see the blockages of life are unblocked". VK is always there to guide you.

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher
    Thank you sir for the brief explanation
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