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12. What is Your Intention While Placing a Request to VK? When do you want results to happen?

Always keep the intention for the wish to happen “NOW” or “NOW and FOREVER”.

NOW speeds up the healing. NOW sends a signal to the Universe how urgently you want the wish to manifest. Do not think about “as soon as possible, very soon, in future” because you cannot live in future. Future never comes. Most of the time NOW is used when you need to manifest for once or a onetime event e.g.

  1. I want admission for my son in a reputed university NOW.
  2. I want approval of my home loan NOW.
  3. I want a family vacation to Switzerland NOW.
  4. I want a clear traffic on the road NOW.

Use NOW and FOREVER. This takes you to manifest the next wish. It sends a signal to the Universe that you want the wish to happen and let it remain with you e.g.

  1. I want a healthy life NOW AND FOREVER.
  2. I want a loving relationship with my spouse and children NOW AND FOREVER.
  3. I want a happy married life for my daughter NOW AND FOREVER.
  4. I want a smooth clear complexion NOW AND FOREVER.
  5. I want a healthy heart NOW AND FOREVER.
  6. I want a prosperous life NOW AND FOREVER.


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