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Non Verbal & Learning Issues - Child on the autism spectrum

Golden Sunrise,

I received my VK yesterday, I primarily needed it to heal my son who is 7.5 years old and is on the autism spectrum. He is currently non verbal and has learning issues. Since yesterday, I am doing the sending him the following cosmic serums every 30 mins:

VK pls send Brain serum to Viaan (3 times)
VK pls send Balance serum to Viaan (3 times)
VK pls send ENT serum to Viaan (3 times)
VK pls send Total health serum to Viaan (3 times)

I do plan to add MMM in the morning time.

One of the aspects of my son's health is that his gut doesn't secrete the right hormones or message to his brain which essentially means that he doesn't see the need to talk and is largely aimless in life. He isnt able to retain any academic information and is more like a 2 year old in terms of understanding. I would like to connect with VK certified experts @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher here and understand the best course of action for us.

I am a new user to pardon me if my understanding of VK isnt perfect as yet.


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