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How to use VK if someone facing difficulty in conceiving second child

My relative is trying to conceive second child since long time. She does not want to go for IVF and want to conceive naturally... she is
already 41 years old now but the dream of having second baby is still there in her mind.
Please suggest how can I use VK to help her with this dream.


  • Direct request to VK is always a good option when you are not able to understand what energies need to give.

  • Thanks Sir... how can I place a direct request to VK in this case. Please guide me as I am a new VK user. Also want to know whether there are any success stories of ppl trying to conceive at this age eith the help of VK.?

  • @rama_vk
    Check the VK SUCCESS STORIES section on forum
    To place a direct request , request VK in your own words.
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