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Irregular periods?

Golden sunrise Rakhi mam ,
Can you please help for the problem of irregular periods. Also how can i use VK to heal my back pain during periods . I feel lots of pain during this , please guide me mam


    1. Charge drinking water with GOLDEN SUNRISE+FEM SERUM+PERFECT HEALTH SERUM +BALANCE SERUM and have multiple sips throughout the day daily during the whole month.
    2. 3 days before you expect your periods and during the periods, start this combination GOLDEN SUNRISE + FEM SERUM + PAIN CARE SERUM + PERFECT HEALTH SERUM +BALANCE SERUM. Take one sip every hour.
    3. Charge a cream with GOLDEN SUNRISE + PAIN CARE SERUM and apply on pain area so that energy stays for longer time.
    4. Lie on the bed and keep VK below you touching your back and request VK Heal me for perfect health now forever.
    Thank you

  • Thankyou so much didi
  • Thank you for your thanks Mamta
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