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Healing an upcoming event

Golden sunrise . I m a vk user since last 2 months having few queries .
1 .
I m into exhibition organising n have an upcoming event in a month .Which serums to use for my event to be super successful.

2. How to get clients to to book stalls at my prices.
3. Clients come they show interest but they dont turn up for booking the stalls .
4. Other organisors n few Exhibitors spreading wrong words about me so that the clients who pay gud prices start negotiating further .
5. As because it's an exhibition so want gud footfall to make it a success .
6. Gain more popularity as an event to attract gud clients .

Sorry to make it 2 long ..hope to recieve reply .


  • From now on start giving GOLDEN SUNRISE and Beauty Serum to your stalls and your event as much as possible.

  • @SharatSir already doing watever u suggested ..infact giving 8 to 10 sessions a day still no changes in my situation .
    Clients not taking interested in booking stalls .plz suggest something
  • I hve a target of 75 stalls whereas hvnt even reached 50 percent
  • @Nehaagarwal
    When you intent for a fixed target, receive whatever comes with Gratitude.
    If you create anxiety with not reaching target, your energy requirements increase
    Best is to request VK to manifest what you deserve and surrender to Divine
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