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Healthy hair Recipe

edited December 2017 in Beauty Discussion
Beauty serum
All clear serum
Balance serum
Energy of Amolki,onion juice,Guava leaf juice,garlic, coconut milk,olive oil.
Keratine Protin n smoothening.
+ Affirmation
Amolki for hairfall
Onion for new hair grow
Guavaleaf for hair black
Coconut vitamin n food of hair
Olive for healthy hair
Garlic for hair loss


  • @Sujata ji

    Please continue your comments in the original post , Not as a new post.

    In this post, i understand you want to use 13 plus energies in one bottle. :'(

    Cosmic Serums are a combination of energies, which is based on energies that come from Sharat Sir's knowledge and practise of many healing therapies that too for many years. He also keeps upgrading the existing Serums with his new acquired knowledge.

    My personal experiences is Cosmic serums are good enough for beautifying , if anyone uses BEAUTY SERUM , GOLDEN SUNRISE and ALPHA WOMAN SERUM. And now the new BALANCE SERUM.

    We should also identify the root cause of hair fall or hair greying or quality , sometimes it can be a constantly worrying mind, so will Garlic help there?? May be one needs mental healing here.

    For nutritional deficiencies, one can include PERFECT HEALTH SERUM.

    Too many energies is like confusing your own body.

    In one bottle, Sir recommends to use maximum of 5 energies with VK.

    Onion garlic are already a part of your daily foods !!

    You can still use any of these energies as per your inner guidance and creativity.

  • Ok. Thanks Rakhiji
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