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Use of Bravo Serum

Dear Sir/Ma’am,
Please guide ,one of my friend is in very bad martial relationship,he wants divorce ,he does’t want to continue the marriage but his wife is emotionally blackmailing him and forcing him to stay,he lost his mental peace and also his health is hampering .I can’t request VK to harmonise his relationship as he wants divorce but due to emotional blackmailing from his wife he is not taking step.He doesn’t have kids as there is not physical relationship with both of them,Can I request VK to send him Bravo Serum to take step and get out from this loveless failed marriage for his highest good?


  • @Esha
    You can use Bravo Serum with intention to make him take a step that is in highest good for both the partners
  • Thanks Ma’am.
  • M’am can u pls help me frame an intention for this- Can I say -Dear Vk pls send Bravo Serum to abc so that he can move on from his marriage for the highest good..
  • @Esha
    Check my previous comment
    One should not decide for others whether they should stay or move on in relation.
    So the request was posted for you.
  • Ok,understood.Thanks????
  • Can we use anti addiction serum and all clear serum for the couple to dissolve the marriage? If the marriage is forced one and they had no physical relationship also?
  • @Butterfly
    What is the purpose of Anti addiction serum?
    Are they addicted in love with other? Your question is not clear. If yes then why dissolve marriage
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