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What are channelled messages and downloads?

Greetings Sharat Sir and VK teachers... I am just a little over two years old in reading spirituality and healing. In my reading, during this two years, I came across so many different modalities. I did not even know that so many modalities existed since ages. All I knew since childhood was Ratna, rudraksh, mantra, puja and havan was only solution and I hardly practiced any of these.. I have also read and realised that suddenly there are so many good healers who are expert in their field of practicing different modalities and are getting channelled messages and chants from Ascended Masters or Downloads from Divine about new modality. I believe surely this must be true. They say that earth is shifting energies and that is why this is happening that many spiritually evolved people are getting these messages...and spreading it amongst the common people..

Can u please put light on what is meaning of Earth shifting energies, channeled messages or downloads and can VK give us hint/message/ missing link which is important for common man to solve his/her problem (apart from using serums, affirmations, ecs which already solves problem).. Not channelled message from Divine or Ascended Master as I understand that it takes great practice, sacrifice,dedication,determination, experience and hard work to be spiritually expert person.

I just hope my question is not silly. Thankyou for your time..


  • Dear @Rian, we, as such, are unaware of your pathway of self elevation and its level. But following on your interest in reading and gaining knowledge, we would like to tell you that we are a group of scientific healers, who honestly believe in "efforts put in" instead of Archived knowledge. It is because of this we into shooting troubles through Energies supported by scientific explanations. In-spite we respect all religious and customary modalities, Lesser do we indulge or comment in Ratna, Mantra, Tantra & Puja Anushthan. Incidentally, you too have forgone these practices.

    It has been a news that earth is shifting its Vibrational Energies. This process is happening since a decade. The effects might be variable depending upon the recipient body. Please understand, all and everything in this Universe is a result of energy. It includes planets and galaxies. Therefore such transfers from Earth is not a surprise. If you take time to read Sharat Sir's article on Geopathic vibrations, you may learn some ill-effects of geo-vibrations.

    However, channeled messages from ascended masters is a wide grey area. The phenomena of Channeled words and verses stretch long back. When we learn, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, Buddha got their Spiritual Horizon, it was the descent of Divine enlightenment. His words were channelized by His source. But this pious process seems getting confused in the modern times. You may still find examples in Indian suburbs where a woman, claim to be instrumental body for descent of a deity and people worship that lady saying in Hindi "Is aurat pe Mata Aati hai" (Deity inhibits this lady). Now, with invent of modern technology, we have computers and channeled messages are more widespread. In this connection, it is worth-noting that the messages descent through the mind of the messenger. Spiritually drowned in the waves, in most cases, the messenger quotes his/her own words and thinks it came from the divine. This state of awareness is the grey area, as there is a very thin difference in the Truth and illusion. Also, there are people who may do it for a fan-following. I do not deny the fact, that there could be genuine people too. But diamond could be well recognized amidst coal.

    Concluding, I must inform you that VK is an apex instruments with infinite specialities. With proper practice and mental connection with VK, it gives you all the signs of the Universe. Rakhi ji may give several examples where she had been benefitted by following signs of the universe given by VK. Also, there is a separate section of Energy from the Ascended Masters in VK Manual.

    Hope it suffice your quarry.

  • Thankyou @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher , for such detailed explanation and taking time to answer my doubt. I too was wondering , across social media... across different countries, so many people are claiming that they get channelled messages,chants from ascended masters, Deities or Angels..I also agree that in my childhood, I had heard about "Mata/ Bhagvan aati/aata hai" in selected people and they used to hallucinate and give messages. We have seen that even in Hindi Movies.. So...apart from few genuine practitioners, there could be EGO of the person giving advise rather than Higher self, Angel, Deities or Ascended Masters.

    After I posted the message, I read Rakhiji's success story on how VK gave her guidance on " Heart Serum " to be given to one of the patients.So VK does give messages in his own unique way...

    Infact I now recollect, in feedback section below article on Archangel Metatron on, I have given my feedback in SEP-2017, on how I came to know I was connected to Archangel Metatron when I requested VK to connect to this Archangel as per Sharat SIR'S guidance. So VK also gives us so to say" chanelled messages" in a different way... Thankyou once again Sanjay Sir for explaining this , Sharat Sir and VK.

  • Thanks for sharing Rian and Thanks for your Thanks

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