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Is GOLDEN SUNRISE a Switchword or a Mantra or much more powerful?


I always love to chant GOLDEN SUNRISE.
I have many wonderful experiences regarding continuous chanting of GS with my VK.

Many times, I came out of severe emotional pain and depression just by chanting GS holding my VK.

Many times, I felt the out of the world happiness, a kind of blissful state just by chanting GS with my VK.

I have read all the articles in Litarian regarding GS.

Sharat sir has mentioned that Divine itself has given this wonderful gift to him in deep meditation to help the Humanity.

Sharat sir has asked us to chant GOLDEN SUNRISE for 15 minutes everyday to heal the entire world / Mother Earth from deadly Corona virus.

✓When GOLDEN SUNRISE can pull us out of depression,
✓when it can give us a blissful state of mind,
✓when it can help us in multiple issues in life like health, wealth, relationship, finance,
✓When it can heal plants and animals also,
✓When it can heal our Mother Earth from such a deadly virus,

Why do you call it a Switchword or a Master Switchword ?
Because many times it is mentioned in our group's facebook posts that Switchwords work only on mind and VK, Cosmic Serums work in multiple ways.

Pls forgive me if Iam asking a silly or wrong question.
I wanted to ask this just out of my curiosity.

I always see GOLDEN SUNRISE as the Golden Divine Light or Cosmic Energy coming from the Higher Divine Worlds to help us in each and every issue of our life.

As mentioned in Litarian articles, GS helps us in unlimited issues of our life like admission in desired school/college, self realisation, spiritual guidance, emotional healing, mental healing, spiritual healing, financial healing, relationship healing, wedding, job manifestation or any manifestation, and much more.

In one of the posts in litarian forum, @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher mam mentioned that GS chanting enhanced her psychic abilities and relvealed to her that a friend is under blackmagic.
Wonderful experience mam.

I feel GOLDEN SUNRISE must be called as a Mantra or something more powerful, not just a Master Switch word.
( Iam sorry I know very little about Switchwords but sometimes when needed I also mimic switch words using VK).

Just wanted to ask/share this out of my curiosity and Love for GOLDEN SUNRISE.

Thank you


  • I used to pray to Lord Surya Deva (Sun God) for some issues in life (mostly studies and health).
    I feel Lord Sun's healing energies are present in GOLDEN SUNRISE.
  • @Gayathri
    Nice post. Will get back to your questions
  • @Gayathri
    As i read your post first time, many thoughts came in my mind and i didnt reply to you immediately as i couldnt assimilate so many thoughts instantly with writing.
    Sorry for delay. I can write endless on GOLDEN SUNRISE. But now posting a short note in my next comment....
  • @Gayathri
    You said it. GOLDEN SUNRISE ia a mantra.
    These words came to @SharatSir while he was in deep meditation.
    He took them as Divine blessing and started using it. He shared with some who were closely associated with him
    Use of GOLDEN SUNRISE as a chant came out as a medium to create many good changes in many situations for these few people with whom he shared first.
    He then wished to introduce GOLDEN SUNRISE to the healing world.
    He did dowsing test on these words GOLDENSUNRISE. One of the dowsing tests revealed that it has lot of power as a switchword The dowsing tests revealed that GOLDEN SUNRISE as words can work in many areas of life.
    Thats how he coined GOLDEN SUNRISE as a Master switchword.
    He knew that power of these words GOLDEN SUNRISE was even beyond the usual quality/characteristics of a master switchword based on his own experiences, his near one's experience and his multiple dowsing tests.

    So in 2014 he first introduced GOLDEN SUNRISE to the public through his website. He named it as a mantra or switchword.
    Mantras work on physical body, mental health and even at soul level.
    Switchwords or Master switchwords work only on subconcious mind.
    Some people go by their belief system and practise.
    Some like to chant mantras our Indian traditional way or thats our cultural origin.
    Switchwords are english mantras with limited possibilities as they work on subconcious mind.
    Here you see GOLDEN SUNRISE is very powerful

    Regarding light from GOLDEN SUNRISE. I recollect one past incidence. A VK user called me to say that she was seeing GOLDEN light coming out of VK whenever she was charging water with GOLDEN SUNRISE energy with her VK.
    She had an extra ordinary psychic ability to see the golden light.
    She send me the picture of glass water after charging it with GOLDEN SUNRISE using her VK. I could not see the GOLDEN rays but the whole water in the glass looked different as compared to another water in similar glass which was not charged.

    Regarding chanting of GOLDEN SUNRISE with VK its extraordonary or something beyond compare. As VK is attuned with Cosmic energies the power of GOLDEN SUNRISE gets multifold. When we use GOLDEN SUNRISE alone it is very powerful. But when we use it with VK the power is exponentially increased.

    I have explored chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE with and without VK and felt the difference.

    Regarding your question whether GOLDEN SUNRISE should be called as a switchword or master switchword or mantra or something more powerful.

    I see it this way. Whats there in the name?
    We call the Supreme as SriKrishna or Shiva or Maa Durga.Its based on our learnings or belief systems.
    In GURBANI (holy words in Sikh ie GURU's words or GURU GRANTH SAHIBji) we learn that DIVINE IS ONE. iK ONKAAR...

    We see Divine presence as different forms and we call it by different names.
    But DIVINE IS DIVINE and Supreme irrespective of name.
    So whether we see GOLDEN SUNRISE as a switchword or master switchword or Mantra or a powerful golden energy, its based on our perceptions.
    I take GOLDEN SUNRISE as a Divine blessing, as GOLDEN SUNRISE is received by blessed son of Divine ie Sharat Sir in his meditation
    Enjoy the bliss of GOLDEN SUNRISE and do share your experiences with VK and GOLDEN SUNRISE
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher mam

    Thank you for such wonderful explanation mam.
    I always feel GOLDEN SUNRISE as Divine Golden Light coming from Higher Divine realms coming to bless us, heal us and help us in every aspect of our life.

    I feel it as "One Stop Solution" to each and every problem of our human life.

    Truly, @SharatSir is the blessed son of the Divine and he is the blessing to all of us.

    Heartfelt Gratitude to Sharat sir, Rakhi mam, Divine VK, GOLDEN SUNRISE and the entire VK family.

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE Mam. Thank you so much for such a beautiful explanation. Also I am giving lots of Gratitude to Sharat Sir.
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