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Golden Sunrise to all, Concentration issue with my three children.

Good day all
I have three daughters 12 years, she is very intelligent, she is an excellent orator and a creative child but very hyper active, she cant complete one task at a time and gets engaged into too many things as she lacks concentration. She wants to be a civil engineer but dislikes math .
Please help what to do to make her like math and concentrate more on her studies.

My second daughter is 10 , very systematic , she wishes to be a fashion designer , please her , what can be done to make her more creative and focused,

My third daughter is 5 and is very emotional, but very intuitive and is a healer , she says things that only a healer can say and do, she seems to be very well connected with the universe. since she was three and started talking the only thing that she says is that she wants to be a real doctor . However she is becoming very stubborn and throws tantrums just to have my attention. Please help, how to stop this behavior of hers and increase her focus.

Thanks and Golden Sunrise to all.


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