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I hv seen testimonial for ascension. What is it actualy n how it affects us?

I Wana know meaning and how it helps for Ascension?


  • Sorry for two posts due to network issue
  • Ascention is Elite & advanced process of healing practised only by experienced VK healers. Just for knowledge, the word 'Ascention' refers to upliftment.

    Unknown to us, a human body is surrounded with Energies of different variance – both Negative and Positive. These energies have varied effects on us according to their nature. Healers, priests and others, resolve this, by cleansing or exterminating the Negative energies. But does this provide a permanent solution? No ! The fact should be known that – Like the Positive energy, a Negative Energy is also Eternal and Undying. It could be pulled out but it will not cease to exist. Therefore, in-spite being exterminated they remain present in the universe to predate another body or sometimes the same body.

    Since Old times, there has been many Processes, Rituals and Ceremonies for extermination of Negative energies. These processes were mysterious and sometimes painful too, wherein even the practitioner stood not confident about his success, but in no case, subsequent of being swiped off, these Negativities has never been taken care of. Sharat Sir, observed this phenomena very closely and gifted the process of Ascention.

    The process of Ascention, not only cleanse and exterminates all Negative energies from our Complete Self (Physical body, Mental Body, Spiritual Body & Materialistic Body), but helps those energies to ASCEND and merge into the Brightness of the energy of the Divine. Thus, these energies are not left out at large to predate on us.

  • OK. So it's to remove negativity in a person. Can I do it on self?
  • Why not @Karishma. You may do it on your 'self' but before that please reply to a simple question; "Why does a doctor recommends Norfloxicin in your stomach disorder, and prescribes Amoxicilline & Cloxaclline when you have a deep bruise, when both are Anitbiotics??"

    Also, please inform your awareness about Spiritual Body and its constituents.

    I will look forward to your reply.

  • Sir I m not much into meditation n all as I don't get time. But I hv blockages in life which I want to clear. It's bcz of planetary effects acc to me n sum astrologers. I m lacking behind in successful job n career. N I don't know why I never reach my targets on time. My clock always keeps me behind. I m never on time for anything even though I think of being or going on time. I want to remove all this blockages. Ppl told me I hv guruchandal yog in kundli. So I don't succeeed
  • Dear @Karishma, you need not tell your problem, as it is much visible in your body language. Let me tell you how :

    1. You ignored my very first sentence about Ascention, where I mentioned that Ascention is an advanced proecess and is practiced by "Experienced VK healers". But your casual OK so its to remove negative.......", informed that you took it for granted regular process. Ascention is an up-level tool which should preferably be practiced under Specialized guidance.

    2. You did not reply to my question, got confused and diverted to problem you are facing. I asked the question to explain you that there are various classified bacterias present in different areas. Antibiotics are prescribed by diagnosing the kind, intensity and best effectiveness of the medicine. So is the case with healing. Various categories of disease, Ailments, Situation or circumstances are healed in accord with the best suited healing and ability of the healer.

    3. You believed on some astrogloger who told you about some planetary blockages and thus because you do not find time for yourself, you placed the onus on the astrologer's verdict or what some people told you about Guru-Chandal Yog. But all short-comings of the life is not always because of a blockage or Grah-dosha. Moreover, solutions (Upaaya) suggested, sometimes has side effects which could be more dis-advangeous.

    Dear Karishma, if I tell you my experience, I am trying to set up my own business since last 15 years, but its not happening. So, should I refuge to some or the other reasons based on people's verdict because I may not have time? No, instead I should find time to put in my best efforts, once again, by forgetting what has happened and create a heaven for future.

    Please take no offence on my comments, but there is no short-cuts to mould your destiny. Now, please try and understand the following :

    1. VK is a very powerful gateway, which opens infinite avenues of success. It may gift you solutions to all your worries, if utilized in proper way. Now, whatsoever, you have to find time to grab the subject with interest. Please differentiate VK from a Mixer&Juicer, in which you just have to put fruits & Vegitables and you get the Mixed fruit Juices. We have to be a ardent and targeted practitioner to be able to shoot a lingering trouble.

    2. Shrug off and let go your disappointments from life and try to start a fresh Chapter with all your new & creative hopes. Your positive approach is going to attract positive opportunities. This is Law of Attraction.

    3. If you are using VK, forget about all predictions given by Astrologers and other people, because, VK injects the energy of Divine which is above & independent of all Ifs & Buts....I mean Terms, Conditions & Restrictions. Be sure that none, in this world, has a hopeless life. The graph of life is full of ups and down subjected to proper phase of time. Moreover, if you go by Astrology, you will have to determine the accuracy of the person reading your Kundali, as planets have their Benefic as well as Malefic effects. If your Guru-Chandal Yog (combination of Jupiter & Rahu/Ketu) has a Malefic effects, it has also given its Benefic effects in shape of Wealth, Prosperity and Happiness. But VK gives only Benefic effects without any side effect.

    4. If you consult VK Manual, there are several serums and affirmations, which if practiced, could pull you out of your situation.....suit yourself. I suggest, you release your apathy (chapter explained in Manual) and start taking energy of Golden Sunrise with intended affirmation to smoothly overcome

    5. I assure, if VK is in your hand, then Divine has cooked something good for you. Expertise yourself and do not loose hope. You will be fine.

    Please share your experience of success with us.

  • Thank u so much sir. Ya I consider myself lucky to have VK. I wl overcome my blockages too
  • Sir u have said I need to do ascension under special guidance. So can we not do it as written in manual?
  • Thank you sir for so detailed guidance.

  • @Karishma, Please understand once again, I never said YOU should do ascension at this stage. I said under specialized guidance, only EXPERIENCED VK healer should try this.

    Dear Kiddo (I am taking the privilege), I have stated my opinion many times, that birds take their flight, when their wings are matured to take the flight. Your case is like a student of class IV is trying trigonometry, Integration and Differentiation. One should go up step by step to the roof. Why do you want to draw a Sword when things could be resolved by a Needle ? Moreover, I am surprised, where in the Manual did you find the process of Ascension. To my knowledge, there is no section, explaining Ascension in the whole Manual. Please enlighten if you have found it somewhere.

  • No sir. I haven't read about that process anywhere in manual. So u asked here about it. I had read about ascended masters and giving energies of ascended masters. That's it. M curious to know about it. Had read in testimonials too
  • Giving energy of ascended masters is related to that process. Is a query too?
  • You amuse me Karishma. No, none of other processes are related to that. Energy of Ascended Masters is a different chapter.

    For your curiosity only, I have explained in brief, the process, in my opening comment. I once again request you to please do not make haste and try to study the subject you have taken up. Your quarries will automatically be self-replied, once you learn what you are into.

    Start healing small problems like headache, stomach problems etc. to gain expertise. Use simple affirmations and raise your level with patience. We are here to help you. Best of Luck.

  • @Kari

    Please note as explained by Sanjay Sir in his multiple comments on Ascension, it is a higher level of practise with VK, and it can be practised only by Experienced VK healers that too under guidance.

    By the term experience , it includes understanding and practising basics of VK without any second thought or doubts. An experienced person is not by years of possessing VK, but who remains connected to VK every moment , feels VK, understands signals through VK, knows to connect to inner self with VK.

    You are still learning how to charge water, so this is a pre-nursery stage in institute of VK learning.

    So you are NOT eligible for learning and practising Ascension with VK.

    As Sanjay Sir has guided you, please do small experiments with VK and build your confidence.

    My personal experience is.... VK tells us a lot, but ARE WE IN A LISTENING MODE.

    I have experienced in multiple instances in my life, when VK alerts me of various situations.

    The best way to practise VK is to LISTEN to VK itself !! It ACTUALLY SPEAKS in multiple ways , only our mind should be open.

    To add to this, gaining knowledge is very good to use VK more creatively, so do read the knowledge in various articles shared on litairian.

    My favourite article on litairian is by @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sir.....Use VK easily with simple ways.

    This article changed my life, and i love reading it today even after more than a couple of years with VK....

  • Thank u mam n sir. Yup still in nursery
  • @Rakhiji....You have mentioned an article in this post above an article by @Sanjay Roy titled `Use VK easily with simple ways'......Cant find it in Search...Could you share it please? Thanks.....Mahesh

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK teacher @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    This is with reference to the above posts.
    Do you know of an experienced VK healer who practices Ascension? Please do let me know.
    Thank you,

  • @mahesh
    I have learnt from Sharat Sir and i practise it
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher

    Thank you for your response, Rakhiji. I have been troubled by fear and anxiety for a long time now and I am quite tired of coping with it. Do you think Ascension healing would help me? Please do let me know.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher

    I will re-frame that question......`Do you think Ascension healing would help me? If yes, I would like to request you to heal me.'

    Mahesh R

  • @mahesh
    Follow guidance from Sharat Sir
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