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Gall Stones dissolve with the help of Pranic healing, VOB, Psychic Surgery and Serums

edited September 17 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
A few days back, this lady approached me. She was in deep suffering because of her gall bladder stones. She had consulted the doctors and the only solution was to surgically remove the gall bladder, since the size of stones was too big and she had a thicker gall bladder lining. The biggest stone was 1.3 cm (which is huge). She was in unbearable pain that she has to take painkillers every day.

So much so that she was worried that because of this pain, she won't be able to celebrate Rakhi with her family. She reached out to me with hope and utmost faith on 21st August and I started sending healing through VK from that day only. On 23rd she was so happy that she enjoyed rakhi without any pain and feeling better. I send her healings around 10 12 days. And after that, I asked her to get an ultrasound done to check the status of her stones.

She was thrilled and extremely happy to tell me that she now only has 3 small stones in he GB, ranging from 11-12 mm.

Thankyou VK and Sharat sir

I have attached reports here:


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