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Liver and kidney recovery

edited September 12 in Health Discussion

Golden sunrise sir
Sir my husband has liver cirrhosis and liver is damaged and because of this kidney creatinine is shooting up water retention is also theirand lungs are detected by tv..dr suggested liver and kidney looking at this vk ..miracle can happen in my life I brought vk..and recieved only on the occapious day Ganesh sir plz suggest me key pen serum, all clear serum and plz guide me more combinations..


  • @Ishakhurana
    Congratulations for your new VK
    Miracles can happen anytime in life.
    As you are a new VK user i wish to tell you that do not put a condition in healing like i got VK for this or that situation.
    With VK you can send energies to yourself iand your dear ones for few or many aspects.
    Regarding healing for transplant as he is critical with liver and kidney to the extent that doctor has advised transplant, the best intention to VK would be HEAL NOW FOREVER for his highest good. In this way you surrender to Divine energies.
    You can follow the serums you suggested in your post.
    For liver DIGEE SERUM and BALANCE SERUM is also good.
    MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA can be added in all healings.

    You can also do Psychic Surgery of liver and kidney separately with VK.

    If possible write this on paper
    Suppose his name is XYZ
    Write XYZ' liver
    Then rotate VK on paper chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE for 3-5 min and then chant MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA (not the whole mantra, just this title) and rotate VK over these weitten words for few min.

    Then do this with kidney
    Write on paper XYZ' s kidney and follow the process as given for liver.
    Here you are doing VOB of liver and kidney.

    You can read articles on VOB and Psychic surgery on litairian website for more details.

    Wishing your husband a GOLDEN SUNRISE speedy recovery. We wish you strength and power to help your husband.
    Take care. GOLDEN SUNRISE
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