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I got my first vibbes kada (vk) on 3rd april and now i have 3 vibbes kada (vk) and i dont have any proper success story shared by in the facebook group , litairian forum or anywhere i dont know why i am not being able to move ahead in life despite having vk and i am not being able to get connected with vk and i am not being able to trust and have faith on my vks and i have tried everything and if it works it works slowly for me or it does not work and i am not being able to feel anything thru my vk and i have seen on the fb group and litairian forum that many vk users share there experience and they do impossible things with the help of vk and once when i charged water for my best friend with energy of alpha male serum and when he drank that water by evening he felt like something like tikling and again when me and my friend sat for meditation ( basically we wanted to open our chakras and wanted cosmic shower on us ) he felt like heat so he stopped the mediation and i was also doing the meditation with him i could not feel anything and before i used to get stomach ache i was not being able to eat anything ad i had to sit with a water bottle and when i used to give 4 doses of digee serum + pain care serum + all clear serum + calm down serum after taking 4 doses my stomach stopped paining at that moment itelf and now hen i m ding the same i am not being able to heal and my pain is also not reducing
i want my vk to work for me
please guide me


  • @mahaveerchauhan28_
    A person who takes multiple VKs within few weeks itself is a sign of connectivity.

    You have already mentioned your pain gone is that not an experience.

    My first advice is to you personally is that in life DO NOT COMPARE yourself with ANYONE else whether it is VK or non VK aspect of your life.

    Comparison itself invites more anxiety. So in one way you are healing with VK and other side you are inviting the need of more energy to make your life better.

    Also its guided to use VK for simple things and built your faith.
    Prioritise your healing. As i have seen your multiple posts on questions.
    Also we need to understand the approach of our intention.
    For example if there is spinal issue and if intention is playing cricket , the desire is something which is not practical at that time. Rather you are taxing the body beyond its capacity to hurt it more. One can think of healthy spine first , cricket can take a back seat for a while.
    So put some time in understanding what are your intentions and what should be the priority.

    Regarding mediatation, maybe your friend had more energy need so he felt it as heat.
    You were neutral so is it not better.
    Incorrect interpretation makes us more restless.

    If pain disapperaed once that means the energy need and supply were at par so you felt relief.
    But when energy need is more maybe due to intensity of health issues or maybe if the issue is since longer time , there you have to do healing regularly consistently and with patience.

    You can also read previous posts whether Sanjay Sir has guided on connection with VK.
    I wish you a GOLDEN SUNRISE healthy joyful life.

    Sometimes it so happens that when one feels stressed on multiple desires a person tends to feel nothing is working. I felt this in your post. Take MOOD UP SERUM and switch to a better mental state at that time.

    I have another suggestion for you. THIS IS MY BEST SUGGESTION FOR YOU
    The moment you read this comment of mine or whenever you get home if you are outside,
    Keep all your VKs aside for next 10 days in a cupboard
    Dont wear VK
    Dont put any request and dont do any healing with VK. NO healing for anyone through VK.
    Follow this.
  • @mahaveerchauhan28_
    And this experience of yours is it true ?

    You can read other success stories but i advise one should read own success stories too. It gives a great feeling.
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Mam the first link which you shared yes it is true before i had a lot of pimples , and i tried many face washes , creams and i used to even apply sandle wood paste , i have taken medicines and doctors told me that i need to medicines for 9 months and then get a laser treatment done and i had fat fat and when i started using alpha male serum + beauty serum + men serum with in few days i got results i did not apply any cream and apply sandle wood paste too the pimples were automatically getting dried
    and my face shape has also improved i checked thru the old photos but i am not really sure if my face shape has changed everyone are telling that my face has changed but i am still not sure if my face shape is changed

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    yes mam i had same slip disc issue and i visited many doctors and almost 4-5 months i kept getting different treatment but there was little relief and i used to feel too sleepy coz of my slip disc issue and my whole body used to pain and feel sleepy whole day and many doctors suggested me not to play but again when vk came into my life i had asked sharat sir to give me healing then he told me to take pain care serum before and after playing cricket and i followed according to his guidance i stated taking before and after playing every sunday and then suddenly when i got up in the morning i reliased that my spine is not paining within 2 sundays i healed this probelm but again coz of carelessness i stared sleeping on stomach and watching moble phone so again i got pain in my back
    but again i asked u that what should i do u asked me to take rest and take pain care serum and balance serum as much as possible so i started taking pain care serum and balance serum in every half an hour and like this i used to 17 healings per day but there was no results and mam i always feel frustrated when i give healing and something when i give healing my vk becomes heavy and sometimes it does not so again i keep having doubt on vk i am not being able to connect myself with vk so can you please help me with that too

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    mam as you mentioned to keep vk aside for 10days i should not use vk for myself as well as for others but i have charged my books and pen with vk 1 week before so what t do for that can you please guide me about that too

    thank you so much for your help thank you :3 :)

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    mam one last thing i want to tell is that once my sister had got nazar so people always get jealous of her and her family she is small and she is in class 2 so her mother told give her energy so i gave her all clear serum + sheild of 7 rays i just gave her 2 healings and she did not get nazar and when i give healing for my negativity i dont feel anything

    and some days before i had a small experience i dont if it worked or no but i would like to share
    mam i requested for cosmic shower on me and after some request i felt cold and shiverish and when i asked my mom whether it is cold or no she told me its not that cold out side i felt like i should be in a blanket for sometime this i dd not think much about giving healing in every half an hour i gave only some 5 times in a day again when i gave request next day i did not get the same feeling

    sorry for the long messages :)

  • @mahaveerchauhan28_
    To my knowledge initially you did not share to Sharat Sir or forum that you had spine issues you just wrote about body pain and cricket, so you were guided accordingly.
    Regarding your books or study material dont recharge it for 10 days
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Mam i had asked him on the whats app
    mam before when i gave healing for m spine it got healed so fast but here i was giving 17 healings per day then why it did not get healed mam ?

  • @mahaveerchauhan28_
    Energy needs keeps changing
    Sometimes we eat less sometimes too much depending on appetite.
    Sometimes mental stress creates more need
    For every healing if we keep calculating this itself needs more healing.
    Sometimes a doctor gives tablet sometimes injection of same medicine, becoz need is different
    Stop counting and surrender to Divine. .
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Mam does our mental stress creates more time to heal
    but as sharat sir told vk works beyond faith
    mam i should not use an product which is charged with vk ?


  • @mahaveerchauhan28_
    10 days no VK or VK healing ... follow that.
    VK works beyond faith but Sir also says build your own faith if you get doubt
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Mam i have kept the vk aside yesterday night and thank you so much for your guidance =)

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Golden sunrise mam today 10 days overs I kept vk aside and haven’t done any healing neither used any charged product so can u pls guide me what to do next and mam when I was away from vk I got a dream so I will that mam
    In my dream I got some problem and vk came in my dream but I had got scared that I shouldn’t have used vk as I had kept it aside from me and so this was my dream I don’t know what does this indicate mam so can u pls guide me further what should I do now mam
  • @mahaveerchauhan28_
    Please start wearing VK .
    The dream indicates that VK is telling you its always there for you.
    Enjoy this connectivitu
  • Can I make request ?
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Mam I wanted to share one thing which I usually happens to me is that I keep giving healing In every half an hour and keep alarm and my mind keeps thinking that I need to give healing and I feel frustrated and it feels like it’s not working yet so can u decrease the dosage to 6 -8 times a day of healing and in this case can I add mood up serum too

    1st vk : study serum + brain serum + gym serum + mood up and for love confidence I will take bravo serum

    2nd vk : I will take only mood up serum + brain serum + bravo serum + and shield of seven rays
    Is the above dosage correct !??

    Thank you for your support :)
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