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How to restore friendship

edited December 2017 in Relationship Discussion

How to restore friendship, my best friend she has completely changed towards me
Its only one side friendship


  • @G77777

    Please send LOVE SERUM to your friend.

    You can also send ONE SOUL SERUM by writing your name and your friends name in a circle.

    If there is no communication request like this VK GOLDEN SUNRISE REACH (friends name) NOW. Keep the intention of happy two way communication.

    If you know the cause, send energy to rectify that

  • Golden Sunrise rakhiji Thnks for your quick response I shall definitely try out these
    Also request to please explain this in detail... If you know the cause, send energy to rectify that

  • Rakhiji I want to share with you just now received msg from my friend though it was just a forwarded msg but it hppnd with help of VK... Thnk you VK for reaching to my friend so fast :)

  • @G77777

    WOW. Thats great. GOLDEN SUNRISE REACH works very fast. Maybe while you read this , VK was listening to your true wish.

    I meant if there is some misunderstanding or difference in opinion, send GOLDEN SUNRISE there

  • Yes sure rakhiji, chanting of golden sunrise really works
  • Can we give golden sunrise with love serum and with one soul serum
  • Yes Golden sunrise can be given with every combination and energy/ serum by default.
    Golden sunrise enhanslces the effect of healing with VK
  • Noted and Thanks puneetji
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