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Stray Dog Trouble, Rude Owner

Hello All,

I need a guidance on below issues,

We have many buildings as an individual societies with a common road.

On this common road around 8-10 stray dogs sits all day and night in front of one of the building blocking road completely.

This apartment owner daily 2 times collects chicken waste from a nearby chicken shop and then he simply throws all those chicken waste pieces mixed in blood feathers and organs from his parking wall to all over the road to feed these dogs.

Many crows , kites also gather to snap the pieces, and dogs fight over each other anyone coming in their way to grab the meat pieces,

Since these dogs get regular feeding so they stay put on this entire road all the day and night.

Which causes trouble for anyone passing on this road, Dogs now started attacking kids , pedestrians and chasing bikes, cars.

Apartment owner is very rude and has some political, or police connections and never listens.

Many neighbors from nearby societies had a heated arguments but all in vain. In stead that person calls police against neighbors on the grounds of animal lover and protection laws.

Others tried calling municipal dog catching squad, van, but this person gets some links and hides the stray dogs inside his parking area or takes them away when the dog squad is around to catch them.

Please let me know how VK can help in this case.

Thanks & Regards,

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