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Behavioural issues with Children

Golden Sunrise Team,

My son is 2 years old who is very naughty & I am finding some behavioural issues with him as he is getting cranky & stubborn. Also he gets aggressive and angry if we does'nt give what he need or wants to do. Keeps clinging on to his mother. I want to work on this and think of only giving Calm down serum to him. Please suggest if there is some other combination I need to give him.
I am unable to understand this issue is due to corona as babies were not able to go much of outside.



  • You can add Chamomile energy
  • Thankyou Sirji ...

  • Sir, my son is 2.9 years old… and he is a happy and active kid.. but sometimes he is very hyper and keeps jumping n running… n doesn’t sit still for me to teach or even feed him for even 10 mins.. he is still not talking much.. I don’t understand how should I get him to eat completely or keep him interested while teaching something to him…I am eagerly waiting to listen his cute conversations…

    I have tried BCS+CDS+GOLDEN SUNRISE LEARN NOW swd phrase+ Ayurvedic Saraswati Lehyam (with safety n security)

    Couldn’t continue for long time though..

    Please help
  • @Madhoo
    What is Ayurvedic Saraswati Lehyam
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Ayurvedic Saraswati Lehyam is basically for buddi, siddi and vaaksiddi..
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