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Regarding my son's future prosperity

edited August 2021 in Money Discussion

GOLDEN SUNRISE Sharat sir.I have recently joined the VK forum.Please suggest how to use VK, Cosmic serums ,switchwords for bringing in joy ,prosperity in my son's life. He is a graduate engineer who worked for sometime in various firms but left them as he was intolerant towards his seniors. He also developed vices in the meantime . He does'nt want to do a job now and wants to do something on his own but is not clear what.We cannot afford finances for him to start his own business.He is idle since one year now.He has become lethargic and is putting on weight because of unmindful eating.Please help to give him the right direction.On recommendation of astrologer we made him wear planetary gemstones last month,but yet have to see the results.A lot of tension is there in our family because of all this.PLEASE HELP. Its really urgent. Thanks


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    Golden Sunrise. Please give him Total Wealth Serum, Alpha Male Serum, Golden Sunrise, and Mood Up Serum as much as possible up to 3 to 6 months

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