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Healing Experiences and some experiments

Golden Sunrise to All

1. My uncle has a very severe problem of cold so I did vital organ balancing to him for 10 mins 2 times a day and he is feeling better now
Thank You Universe

2. There was my colleague who was just like my sister she was feeling negative I gave her mood up serum still she felt negative charged her water with all clear serum she felt bitterness I told her she was suffering from black magic I started giving all-clear serum to her next day she calls me and told that a priest very near to her family confirmed the black magic.

3. I charged my All Out refill with mood up serum balance serum Golden Sunrise I felt very happy and empowered because of that.

4. My uncle got covid I got the info afterward I started giving him ENT serum Mahamrityunjay Mantra immunity serum balance serum Golden Sunrise for 5 days with vk boosting method he was fine and recovered quickly he has a problem in lungs then also he recovered without any problem.

5. A sister of mine referred her friend she was having black magic effects so I tested her and she was having it the problem came when her past lover repeated the process every day he gave negative energy I gave all-clear serum she felt good then the next day she felt bad again this continued but with able Guidance of Rakhi Mam and giving the old lover Golden Sunrise and Calm down serum the situation is now under control.

6. One day suddenly an idea came to me what if I take energies of magical animals like dragons
So I took the energy of the Unicorn it was awesome I felt a surge of energies in my solar plexus and my Heart chakra felt empowered and positive.

7. I also recently done experiments with kayakalp mantras these are the mantras which are used to rejuvenate the body make us more youthful strong and fill us with new vigor and energy. I felt my thinking getting clearer and I felt more energetic ready to face any challenges thrown at me. You don't have to take any name just say kayakalp matra energies that's all. This same effect can be achieved by just asking vk:

Vk please activate to rejuvenate my whole mind and body now
( This I read in Vk forum )
You feel really good and energetic
Vk please activate to rejuvenate my whole mind and body with Amuruta of immortality now.
( This is my personal best )

8. My friend was feeling sad due to heartache of break up I already read the FB post to give Bravo Serum mood up serum and prefect health serum to gain strength to face big adversary so added two more serum all clear serum and balance serum she took for 3-4 days and felt relief.

9. I was just reading about bulletproof coffee which is basically a coffee with organic butter and xct oil which helps to gain energy improves mood reduces weight and increases focus I tried it to mimick with Vk and sure felt my focus and energy increase whenever I take it with a direct request it is really effective when u r tired or down.

10. I was watching this video on YouTube of chiropractors this therapy corrects your back and improves posture which reduces pain anywhere in the body so I just asked vk to give effects of chiropractor therapy and it is really wow u feel relaxed in an instant if any body having pains can use it it makes u flexible and agile and even ur hip pains neck pains gets healed instantly

11. Whenever I get stressed with an excess physical or mental activity.
I take the energy of Eft session to reduce stress
I take energy fo full body massage
I take energies of sukshma vyayam
Energies of pranayama
I have 5 vk so I take all at one time and instantly I feel relaxed and out of stress in an instant

12. Somras I heard this name first in novel Immortals of Meluha then searched it on the net it is a youth giving drink taken by devas it helps to be youthful full of vigor has great healing and rejuvenating powers I took this by water charging method and my body became relaxed I am more open to new ideas and feeling good not too energetic but feeling good like in a balance

13. Mrit Sanjeevani Mantra is a mantra used by shukracharya to give life to dead asuras it is also a great mantra to use for quick Healing I have a friend who was suffering from body pains I have pain care serum balance serum and mrit Sanjivani mantra energies to him 3-4 times in a day and he felt instant relief from his suffering

Thank You Sharat Sir for making vk and sharing it to the world I really love it every day is like opening a new gift of healing joy and miracles

Thank you Rakhi Mam for always helping me

Thank You Team Litrarian for your support and encouragement

Golden Sunrise


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