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How to use VK as I received it a day back

As a beginner,please help me in using VK for bringing in trust in my onlu child Aditya. Facing a lot of challenges .I his mother am worried day and night for him, his career, his health etc.


  • @vijayshree Madam

    Please go through: VK BASIC POST ZERO read and start using VK.

    Before using VK, you must read all the basics and learn everything about VK. Please click on this blue link: VK BASIC and read all the basic tips of using VK. Note: do not use VK without reading the basics but you can wear VK as soon as you get it. After reading the basics you will not have any procedural questions and you will get wonderful ideas to use VK.

    Please visit this: VK CATEGORY and find all articles related to VK.

    Please visit this : VK TESTIMONIALS and find some testimonials of VK.

    Please visit this: VK TUTORIALS and check all other VK tutorials and videos.

    Please visit : COSMIC SERUMS and check all cosmic serums.

    Please visit: VK SUCCESS STORIES and check many success stories.

    Note: You have already joined VK FORUM there is so much to learn about VK. Here you will get answers to all your questions from Sharat Sir & other VK teachers. So dont worry.

    Golden Sunrise to you and your family.

  • @vijayshree please refer to the email sent by Litairian team it has all the links which i have mentioned above

  • @anilm
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Thanks and we appreciate your initiative to guide other VK users.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your efforts in VK world
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    GOLDEN SUNRISE Madam. Its a duty to help a new member of our family. Thanks for your Thanks.

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE.Thanks allot anilm.Sorry for the late response

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