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Travel in hills without any problem

Good morning sir/ Mam

Golden Sunrise to Vk family
I want to share my experience with Divine VK.

It's about one and half month I got my VK and I have experience lot with Vk.

1- when I got my VK , next day our family trip was pre planned to Manali.
I was very nervous to travel in hills. so I was new ,I don't know how to use VK so I simply just request the VK to make the trip awesome and memorable and safe for all of us.
I felt very few health issues in my trip. But the trip was really really really very awesome and memorable for us with divine Vk.
when we are coming back I request VK to make a journey comfortable , safe and quick. With my surprise I even don't felt any health issue and journey become so quick and safe. We reach in 12 hours from Ludhiana to Manali and surprisingly we came back in just 8 hours even we met too much traffic on the way. Thanku my Divine Vk.
Vk make me bold to take a next trip to hills. When everything is OK. ❤❤❤ 2- From my Vk become my best partner .
Having lots of experience in day to day life.
Just sharing a little one
I have my meditation class daily in night from 9 to 12 . I don't know how my wifi signals get weak at that time. I simply request my Vk plz hold the Network so that I can meditate well and guess what happened, wifi signal stabilized and not a single time it lose.
Really Vk listen and understand my intention. ❤❤❤
3- By practicing with cosmic serums I improve my relationship with my family and friends. ❤❤❤❤

Many more to come.........
????????????????Thanku sooooooooo much Sharat sir for this Beautiful gift. Rakhi Mam and All Vk team really I want to thank you from bottom of my heart.


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