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Success ; VK helps in typical situation at SDM office.

edited December 2017 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Today i am sharing my Wonderful VK experience that happen 2 month back in september. I had earlier share this in one of whatsapp VK learning group. After signing in here at forum and learning so much things from sharat sir and other vk teachers, i really want to write one of mine success story in this category. I was thinking for a long time but today only i could get some spare time and so i am writing here to thanks sharat sir and all other teachers you are doing awesome work thankyou so much.
My experience is we have an agriculture land in haryana state but it is very hard to operate from my residence here in delhi. The land was on my mothers name and she is always unable to travel so long for any official or other work. My mother said to transfer the land on me and my brothers name so i manage all the preparation and completion of document work to bother my mother as less as possible.
On the day of appointment i drove her to the sdm office, reaching there we get to know sdm had go urgenty on some official duty. This was really heartbreaking and to get my mother again and again is really hard for me. Somehow i talk to patwari and other officers and they manage to call sdm and make him agree to free my mothers duty on same day so that she don't need to come again.
First sdm agreed on call than later he call baxk and refused as he can't take risk and he had to witness my mother in front as we are living outstation.
Here come my divine buddy VK i requested GOLDEN SUNRISE ALL CLEAR SERUM to clear all this situation as soon as possible and also direct request VK please make way to get my work done now. Nothing surprising as i know VK and after 20 minutes i got a confirmation call that sdm sir is coming in 1 hour for specially my mother's witness. it took a little extra time but sdm sir came and coperate with his humbleness. I really thank my VK divine and sdm sir, the all process took 2 hours to finish this work.
Thankyou so much VK for always there to help me in daily life. There are lots of magical experiences to share and will do share with you all as per my free timings.
Gratitude to VK sharat sir and teachers.


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