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question on family unity

Please Please Please I desperately need help for a friend, to unite the family . She chanting daily Golden Sunrise reach 5or6 times 108/G/S heal, G/S bring, also EC name inside with VK request rotate One Soul Serum, Love Serum, All clear Serum, Pain Care Serum. Direct request with VK writing on paper also photo VK please send energy of complete hanuman chalisa, All clear serum, Love Serum, Mood up Serum,.Watching video with intention improve health make life joyful, Spiritual protection video.
Please advise what else can help will appreciate.


  • Your energy combo is not perfect. I don't know why Pain Care Serum? And why Reach and Bring together? And you are watching video for health improvement, what is the connection of this video with family unite?

  • Dear @shuntp999
    Golden SunRise !!
    As Sir commented, it seems you should read the manual once again and apply a General IQ to send energies as per requirement of the situation. You want a family to unite, so why don't you try One Soul Serum to the members of the family, required to be united ?

    After all you do not rub Iodex for

  • Golden Sunrise Thank You.

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