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Connection with VK

edited July 2021 in Spirituality Discussion
Golden Sunrise
Many times I feel I m connected with my vk and sometime I feel I don't.... What should I do
Means kabhi lagta vk mere request sab sun raha hai but kabhi lagta hai nahi...
How can we connect with dear VK deeply??
Thank you


  • @Pal
    Please use SEARCH option with keyword CONNECTION on this forum you will get many links and previous discussions
  • @Pal
    Also i have some questions to you.
    Is it that ,
    if VK follows all your requests as you wish the outcome to be , then only its connection?

    What is the meaning of CONNECTION with VK?
    Or are you expecting something that VK should do for you and you define that as connection.

    Do you feel connected to Divine or God? What is that connection?

    Think and and also read the previous posts, you will get the answers yourself
  • Hi... Yes it's Divine connection because of which we blessed with VK, however here on forum have read experiences of VK users that they don't even have to request to VK the Divine connection is so deep that without request VK fulfill their request... I want to make my connection with VK that way.... So really eager to know how to get that connection with VK...

    Also have been requesting VK since I got VK for couple of things like stuck money with company however I am not getting, I m feeling some hurdles to receive my hard work money but what I don't understand.......
    Also have been read your post of removing VK for a week however VK is our life can't remove it, for healing purpose keeping VK aside.

    So I want to connect with my VK deeply....
  • @Pal
    Check the previous posts on this forum on connection especially the answers given by Sanjay Roy Sir
    Give yourself time with VK and also with reading
    Also i would say when there is expectations Connection gets delayed or weak.
    Work with the flow and lets things happen with time. .
    Connection is something where there is no expectation and one just surrenders to the will of Divine and to the outcome of cosmic energies. .
    In your post i read its more about making VK work, its not about connection in true sense.
    You are expressing about things working and working easily.
    Connection is something which a small child remains in ectasy with the presence of its mother. A child is innocent and doesnt expect anything but it is floating in mothers love and care.

    Also read BASIC OF VK POST 13 for stuck money
  • VK post 13 is "VK TIP 13 – Help Someone with Cataract using PSYCHIC SURGERY Mimicking"
    It's related to cataract healing may be my search is wrong.... Please help.
    I will surely follow the guidelines as per your suggestions....
    Just one thing I never want VK to work purely believing its Divine blessings , I m reading many experiences on forum so eager to know if I m mistaking anywhere....
    Thank you for your guidance. ... I wish Golden Sunrise bless everyone with peace and happiness.....
  • @Pal
    Dear its BASICS OF VK POST 13 not VK TIP 13
  • Ok thank you so much... Golden sunrise
  • Dear @Pal ,
    Golden SunRise !!

    Since today is Saturday - weekend, Let me tell you an interesting incident that happened to Swami Vivekananda, in his initial days with Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa, when he was Narendranath Dutta - an educated practical person who did not believe in idol worship.

    He used to visit Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa in the temple of Dakshineshwar, because of his convincing discourses, but still he could not accept that the saint believed in Maa Kali as his mother. It so happened that due to his father's sudden demise, Narendra was suddenly stooped to poverty. None of his relative or acquaintance of his father, who was a lawyer, came to lend a hand in this juncture of distress. His visits to Dakshineshwar increased as he found solace, being with Thakur ji (Sri Ramakrishna). He asked the saint that since he believed in Maa Kali, if the goddess can do something to help with respect to his financial crisis. Sri Ramakrishna straightway advised "Why don't you go and ask 'Maa' yourself for help?"

    Following his mentor's advise, Narendra went to the altar of Maa Kali to pray. He was so overwhelmed with feeling of Devotion & Love that he bowed before her, and in an ecstasy of joy, he started chanting her name. He forgot what he actually intended to ask from the Mother, and prayed for Divine knowledge & devotion.

    As he went back to Sri Ramakrishna ji, he admonished Narendra, as to why did he not ask for what he went for, and advised him to go once again. Narendra went thrice to Maa Shyama (Maa Kali), but everytime he forgot to ask her to bless for his family's financial well being, instead, he prayed for the Goddess's eternal & everlasting vision. Sri Ramakrishna smiled, as he was pleased to see, Narendra's spiritual inclination and blessed him that by the grace of Maa Kali, your family will never face any scarcity of finance or essentials of living. Narendra Nath was ready to become the great Vivekananda to carry the flag of devotion, not only in India but to world, representing India & Hinduism in Chicago - Parliament of World's Religion.

    I narrated this incident in brief to explain your expression "Connection" as emphasized by Rakhi ji. Connection is completely a spiritual bond which is separate from any benefit or demand. It is as such a relationship where you speak & listen - but not by words, but from the soul. I hope you will understand.

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Thank you so much Sir for your so valuable time to make me feel blessed,you spend moment for me to write the story to explain me "connection" And I got it.... Your words motivate me to pray and stay blessed.... And " I am blessed now forever... Golden sunrise " Thank you so much....
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE SIR @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher.... It was a deep yet sometimes a little intricated topic for a layman to understand. But you have so beautifully and easily explained this CONNECTION. Divine thanks sir for this wonderful example to make us understand what actually connection means.... :)

  • Dear @Pooja,
    Golden SunRise !! and Thank you for your Thank you.

    It is my personal opinion that, in Spirituality, no calculations or doctrines works. Since it is the table of 'no limits', it cannot be tied in logics. Only 'understanding' our consciousness......our awareness to the Divine and its Universal existence......and our merger to it - I mean our 'Connection', is enough to open the gateway of spirituality, where all the other logics fade away, as the status thus acquired would be the ultimate and no other knowledge is required beyond that. The greatest ignorance of the world is that "we try to gain outside knowledge, and do not turn inwards and say Hi !! to ourselves". =)

  • So true Sir... Well said <3 <3

  • Thankyou Sir for sharing your prescious knowledge and wise words.
  • I don't think I can connect with VK . Its VK who make connections with us and make us feel that there is something or someone looking after our needs our problems and much more. I got my VK before couple of days only but I can strongly feel the power and connection while making any requests and also I feel it stopped me to make any request after sometime. Its giving time me to understand him and I giving time him to understand me.
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