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Respected Sir/ Mam,
I want to know that I made a sigil for my son in law for prosperity and growth. How can I energies it and what cosmic energies I give it???
And is it necessary to send energies on daily basis.
Thanks in advance


  • @RennuBbehal74
    Which Cosmic serum is for prosperity you tell us
    Frequency of charging is always as per need go by your inner guidance.
  • I am new Vk user mam, As per my knowledge TOTAL WEALTH SERUM is for prosperity. Correct me if I am wrong.
    And I want to ask one thing that is it necessary to take out VK everytime to give serums or request. Or Even by touching by hand can also work???

    Thanku Mam
  • @RennuBbehal74
    You already know the answer. Yes its TWS.
    For questions on VK procedures please check the BASICS OF VK posts on this forum and watch videos on litairian website.
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