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Job-Work Related Issue

GOLDEN SUNRISE..Sharat sir, i wanted to ask you something related my work..I want to change my job as for my existing work environment has become toxic, itna toxic ki i have to motivate myself a day before, that is raat ko, before sleeping or early morning by listening mantras..i just ordered my VK and my friend will send it soon to me to my required country. I am doing the money magnet ritual since 28th of June, plus doing some chanting also, but so far i got no response despite applying for jobs. One friend had to talk to his manager related to a work that i applied in his company and the manager didn't agree to hire me. Can anyone send me healing and serum meantime so that i get the job in that particular company?


  • @rshiksha14
    Continue with the 40 days money magnet program as guided to you. Its good not to count the days as it will only add to your anxiety and delay results.
    Hope you can get your VK soon. Chant GOLDEN SUNRISE as much as possible.
    You can also request your friend to charge your drinking water with TOTAL WEALTH SERUM till VK comes to you.
    You may read the article on TOTAL WEALTH SERUM and experiences in that article how other VK users have used VK for their prosperous life.
    Accordingly you can tell your friend to charge your water with energies
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your career
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