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VK Tip 152 : Raja Harichandra Energy with VK to know the truth

edited July 3 in VK TIPS
Really happy and excited to share one more success the afternoon someone from my jiju's shop counter picked up his phone and switched off....sister called and said aaj ph gaya(today ur brother in law lost his ph)...even she has a VK ussne bhi bola hoga vk ko(even she asked Vk to get ph back)....the story of Raja Harichandra occurs in the Vedas and also in the Puranas he was King of Ayodhya he was known for is TRUTH AND KEEPING HIS WORDS...His story will last for as long as the Valueof TRUTH lasts.... but I gave The Raja Harichandra energy to the person who took the ph and told Vinnie uske ander ye energy jaisai he jaye woh samne se ph de kar jaye (requested Vk the person who took the phone as feel the energy of Raja Harichandra he come back and give the ph back on his own)and with that Divine Reach and golden Sunrise.....and the Magic happened like always....the Man came and gave ph to staff k I just picked up sorry...and I only twice asked Vinnie.....and phone is back......thanks a lot Sharat Sir Rakhi mam and all the team members


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