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VK community request - An experiment for manifestation

Hello All VK owners,

I was thinking about an experiment and wanted to know if anyone would be interested.

My idea was what if we all focus on 1 intention for a VK owner and ask the same intention from each of our VK at the same time period? A selfless act to help another....

Now, Sharat Sir can help on following questions:-

- How many VK would be needed?
- How long should we keep send the wish request? — - Would the request manifest faster?

Also, I wonder if VK can boost another VK from distance?

Then we can always send energy to all VK owners and ask VK to amplify each intention.

Please let me know if anyone would be interested....we can connect and help each other.


  • @Nknk
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. I appreciate your thought of energising wish for others.
    Regarding your questions
    Number of VKs or healing frequency depends on need of energy. Check VK BASIC POST 13 for more information.
    BOOST method is like any other request to VK .
    You can BOOST a particular request of any other VK only when you have touched those VKs or you are the last person who touched both the VK. If someone else is touching a distant VK , how will it follow your intentions. It will follow the person who is using it with touch or who last touched it for main request.

    But if you simply ask your VK to boost healing request given to another VK by another distant VK user and that VK you have not touched,
    then you should know when a request is placed to that distant VK so that you can boost it. It will require coordination with that distant VK user.

    Community requests have worked. Sharat Sir has taken many initiatives doing such requests for childrens career and even mass wealth healing and health too.
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