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Question about Cosmic Codes

Divine Souls..Golden Sunrise. I am sending Heart Health to 2 friends and am working with it on myself as well. Do I watch the 5 minute Heart Health Cosmic Code for each friend when I send this twice a day? I am not clear on that. Also EACH time when I watch the Cosmic Code I get sleepy and my eyes close for a split second because I am so relaxed. Does that negate the treatment? Thank you for your help.


  • @Murali
    The energy in Sirs video is high. So some people are feeling sleepy and some even go of to sleep. Sleepiness is not a sign of negation. As you already say that you are feeling relaxed, so its already good for you.
    For others you can mimic energy of video along with Heart Serum in same request. Please check VK Tip 34 on this forum
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