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cosmic serum for health and personality

As have many problems in life i am using the following cosmic serums
1. Energy of golden sunrise
2. Perfect health serum + pain care serum
3. Alpha male serum + gym serum + flab down serum
4. Digee serum + pin care serum + all clear serum
5. Study serum + brain serum
6. Beauty serum + alpha male serum + mood up serum to improve my commucation skills
7. Alpha male serum + beauty serum + men serum for looks and personality
8. Beauty serum to improve my cricket skills

i am using the following by direct request to vk
so can i go with the following combination or should i decrease some of the serum ??

thank you in advance


  • @mahaveerchauhan28_
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. For combinations please go through Cosmic serum articles and VK success stories. Read the articles and go by your inner guidance to know how many serums you need.
    Experiment and share your experiences. You have been already guided in your previous posts on some of the aspects in your above post. So please do not create same questions on multiple posts.
    Duplicate question posts will be deleted
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