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When i send energy with VK to someone, will that person's karma affect us

Hello sir
We put in vk into the room when we send energy to someone those people karma affect our room.???
What can I do for that?
Thank you sir
Golden sunrise


  • Dear @Nivethida,
    Golden SunRise !!

    I have a question for you:-

    If you wash your hand with a soap, does your soap looses its purity?
    If a sinner goes to a Temple, does the temple gets dirty?

    NO !!

    VK is eternally pure and contains all pure & powerful energies. Healing with VK clean others impurity with safety & security. It will never harm the healer or his/her surroundings. It is so powerful that when it heals someone, just a few energies out of 11 divine energies are enough to do so. Rest of the energies cover the healer as a shield, and he/she also gets a purification simultaneously as a bonus.

    Moreover, Good or Bad - Karmas are personal belonging. Your karmas are yours and no one else could claim for it unless your destiny is connected to the some one else. Likewise the other person owns his own karmas and in no case it will affect you. There could be negative energies with the other person which generally are referred to, but with VK, please feel safe, it will never let it come back on you or in your room to affect.

    Happy Healings.

  • Thank you sir
    Golden sunrise
  • Golden sunrise sir are we interfering with Karma if we are sending healing to somebody. Will he or she anyhow get another disease if we treat one ? Is that true ( I read in karma Book by Sadhguru) pls help me and guide me?
  • Dear @NitashaMishra,

    Golden SunRise, you have asked 2 questions and both are, as such, not connected. Firstly, no one can guarantee that if you have taken a pill for headache, you will not have a stomach ache. Human body is inherent to diseases and treatment of one disease is not an assurance that some other disease may not affect the same body.

    Now, coming to Karma, you have not mentioned, whose Karma are you referring to. Always remember, your karma are yours and its you, who will get a positive or negative effect of your karma. Yes, your Karma may affect, favorably or adversely to some other person. In that case, it will be the other person's 'Prarabhdha' or acquired Karma. In nutshell, as a human being we do not have the capacity to interfere in the mechanism of Karma, of course we can endeavor to do good karma to enlighten our destiny.

    Healing someone with good intention, is surely going to wipe off, one's Bad karma or add to his/her Good Karma and it is not 'interfering' with Karma by my opinion. Rest assured and keep doing good to others.

  • Thank you so much sir.
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