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Can we request for cosmic shower using vk


I am blessed with two vibbes kada now and i want to try something unique so can we request vk for cosmic shower like




  • @mahaveerchauhan28_
    One month should not be included in request
  • @mahaveerchauhan28_
    VK will send cosmic shower energy for max 30 min on one request. The energy may be used up by you in one hr or one day or one week or one month or 1 yr depending on need.
    So its incorrect to specify this time
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Mam i have one more doubt once i asked a question face book regarding to have an interesting conversation with a particular person you suggested to send love serum
    so can i request my vk like
    dear vk pls send love serum to xyz for having an interesting conversation with him/her is it correct


  • @SharatSir and @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Golden sunrise I want to share one of my experiences which I had forgot to tell in the forum
    Mam I requested vk for cosmic shower on me and after some requests I was feeling like goosebumps on me and I was feeling little cold I asked my mom if it’s cold outside she told no and when I stopped the request I was normal

    So this is my experience
    Can u pls tell me if I was receiving the energy of cosmic shower on me
    Thank you ????
    This was long time ago but I had forgot to put in the forum I just saw in my notes and shared it
  • Dear @mahaveerchauhan28_

    Golden SunRise !!

    Sorry for keeping your quarry pending for so long. In reply to what you have asked, let me narrate a small incident to explain it.

    Years ago, it was time of Navratri - the eighth day (Ashtami) and as usual, I was given the task to distribute sweets etc. amongst girl children. In north India it is called 'Kanjak'. We being originally from Bengal were having our Durga puja ceremonies for which we were getting late to join. But since this was also important, so I hastily reached the nearest temple of goddess expecting lots of children who are generally found in the temple area. Being the main day of Maa Durga, the temple was overcrowded. I could see an unending queue, lined up with their offerings. I was really discouraged as I could not have thought of my turn before a couple of hours. Thinking what to do now, I started walking on the freeway alongwith the queue of worshippers towards the altar of Maa Sheranwali. From a distance where I could see the idol of the goddess, I extended my hands which had the box of sweets and raised to offer it to Mata Rani, saying that "though I cannot come near to you, I hereby offer my worships to you, please accept". After a few seconds, I started back to find the children to distribute the sweets, when just a few yards away, on the road, a car pulled over and an elite looking gentleman descended from it. Walking from the opposite direction, when we were about to cross each other, to my utter surprise, he laid his hands out and though unsure I put a sweet on his hands. He touched it to his forehead and went away. I was really amazed. Looking at this small exchange, another person also asked for the 'Prasadam' and I gave hypnotically. I could understand without saying that my offering was already accepted by the goddess, even without standing in a queue and let the Pujari do the honors.

    The energies of Universe are likewise. Only YOU will understand what has been bestowed on you. Each person has his/her own experience. In your case, you were the master of the situation, so you are the one who will decide, whether it was a Cosmic shower, what you felt. Some feel the heat and others its coolness. But what matters is - did you enjoyed it or felt the bliss ??

    Please share your inference. We are waiting to be enlightened.

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher
    Sir actually I am not being able to decide if I had received cosmic shower or no
    I am not exactly sure if i was receiving cosmic shower or on that I was just feeling cold
  • @mahaveerchauhan28_
    That is what I actually intended to make you aware of. In your voyage of spirituality laid ahead, you will come across, feelings/experiences of various kind. Now, being a part of our VK healers group, you should not be dependent upon the forum to ascertain, what happened to you.

    As I explained, there is no hard & fast rule that a particular kind of sensation would be felt when you get into deep into energies. Different people experience different feelings while practicing with VK, and no one but YOU can tell you if you have actually felt the Cosmic energy. Let one thing be clear in your mind that with VK nothing negative will ever happen to you. All you have to do is to ask yourself......"Was it a co-incidence that you felt cold after requesting the shower from VK? if co-incidence, then why did it came to normal, when you stopped your request?" and above all "did you feel kind of enlightened/relieved/blissful after the session?" .......your inner self will answer you.

    I await your independent reply.

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher
    Yes , I feel you are right sir even I felt on that day that it was coz of vk and again when I stopped the request I came back to normal so yes it was coz of vk but sir again when I gave request next I did not feel anything could please tell why so

    Thank you Sanjay sir for your valuable time in explaining me briefly

    Thank you so much
  • @mahaveerchauhan28_
    I presume in your 2nd endeavor, you were playing with VK. Your intentions were not targeted, because you were not sure in your 1st go.

    No offence, but if I were you, I would have revisited my inner self to evaluate, where did I went wrong and worked out the solution. Please understand, what you have requested (Cosmic Shower) is a rare situation, which is otherwise achieved through intense meditation and lot of practice. We are endowed with a medium where everything is "made-easy" but that does not means we can do it with a snap of finger. Sometimes, we attract energies unintentionally, our mind is prepared to receive it. But at times when we intentionally try to test the universe like "let's see if it clicks this time", Universe is in no compulsion to oblige. We have to be patient, inquisitive & submissive to reach that state.

    This is what I wanted to convey through my personal experience narrated in the above thread. Try again with conviction & submission.....practice will get results now but do not try to feel may be a different feeling but what is important is that you know it when it comes to you.

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher

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