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Why I have Spinning Sensation in Meditation

Hello Sharat sir,
In the past I was practicing meditation and sometimes during meditation I used to feel like I'm spinning inside, this would last for few seconds and since this is new experience so I get afraid as am unaware of what would happen to me next.
Later on I could not meditate so often to get such experience again. Please let me know is such experience is good and safe? and now I have VK so how VK can help me to get such experiences more often without getting afraid of the unknown and with safety and security.


  • Dear @Kulkarniamit22,

    Golden SunRise !!

    Meditation with pure intentions are always safe. Doctors are prescribing meditation for stress management & patients of depression. Ancient sages, yoga gurus recommended meditation for self upliftment.

    Please allow me to explain about the sensation you had during your meditation session in the past. I think you struck a right chord during one of your meditation endeavor and got your Kundalini activated. It happens to many, during their attempt to meditate. The Kundalini energy which resides in the Basic Chakra, starts rising through the various Chakras and the meditator experiences a swinging, dilly-dally or spinning kind of sensation, varying from body to body. It is rather a good sign to have it and there is nothing to be scared of. Meditation with apprehension are not fruitful.

    A dip in the ocean of energy is an out of the world experience and first timers may gasp when he crosses the border. But the recommendation is to give in and flow with the wave. It will take you real deep in your meditation.

    Of course VK can take you deep in meditation every time you hold it between you palms and affirm your desire, leaving your fears and apprehensions aside. You can also listen to Sharat Sirs much acclaimed audio on Kundalini. It is very powerful.

    Hope you have a real meditation full of energy.

  • Golden Sunrise,
    Thanks a lot for detailing. I shall try out
    with VK and let you know. Many thanks.
  • Golden Sunrise.
    Thanks @Kulkarniamit22 for sharing your experience.
    Thanks @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sir for explaining in detail and its very helpful. As I too feel the same while doing meditation. I shall follow your advise and listen to Sharat Sirs Kundalini Audio.
    Gratitude to @SharatSir and Divine VK
    Gratitude to @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Gratitude to the Team.

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