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OBE Out of Body experience

Hello Sharat sir,
Please let me know how Divine VK can help in getting OBE (Out of Body Experience).


  • Dear @Kulkarniamit22,

    Golden SunRise,
    I remember having replied to your other quarry of Spinning sensation. Hope it will help in releasing your fear during your meditation.

    Of course, VK has the divine power to take us on an astral voyage or OBE. But one has to understand that this is surely not a joyride of an amusement park. It is the soul seeing the body. It is the "I" watching the vastness of the universe. It is the "Me" merging in the emptiness and feeling fulfilled. One has to be worthy of this status. One has to have an Activated Ajna Chakra (Third Eye).

    Yes, VK will show the way, but we have to walk on it, and as the situation is, we are yet to learn how to walk & the way is not even enlightened.

    VK is capable to take you in a multi-dimensional journey as you close your eyes. But you have to do a lot of practice before that, starting with releasing your fears to cross the borders from where the path starts. You rise to be ready to go & VK promises to take you along. Do not worry, with practice such situation will also come. Till then ......

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