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Why do we become victims of Occult even though we are innocents ?

I wanted to tell you another problem. My heart beats very fast and I feel very uneasy. This friend of mine expired in this house. I took him to all the good doctors whom I knew. I am also just recovering from my accident. 9months back I was thrown out of an auto and I have a head injury and one of my ribs is fractured. But still I used to take him to doctor. But he never took the medicine or ate proper food. Something happened sir slowly he stopped food. It was so unexpected. If I think I get that uneasiness. 3days before this incident my brothers servant brought some gooseberries. I took it and gave it to my maid. After that her whole family became sick. Till now she is sick. Full body pain. Fever cold and face is swollen. Sir please advice me what should I do about this. It keeps coming in my mind. WHY ME? I HAVE NEVER DONE BAD TO ANYONE. NOT EVEN SPOKEN BADLY TO ANYONE. Why should I suffer like this.


  • Dear @Vanitha009,

    Golden SunRise to you and may the power of Universe be with you to protect from all Negative energies around you.

    It is due to destiny, good or bad events takes place in one's life. Allow me to explain a bit for your information & knowledge. From the time of evolution or before that, Bright as well as Dark energies had existed and it is going to exist forever eternally. It is so because their existence is because of each other. Remember Devas & Danavas, indicating the tug of war between good & bad? Like their existence, both have their followers even today and both are equally powerful. The only difference is in the longevity of the influence they have. The brighter side has a long lasting serene effect, whereas the darker side has an aggressive & evil effect.

    Your question "Why Me?" is a FAQ. People often ask this question to their God, Guru & well wishers. The answer is** 'the Destiny'**. We have to understand that we are existing in a perfectly designed Matrix where the whole system runs on Cause & Effect principle. If we are in this world, however innocent we may be, if it is in our destiny; we have to undergo all the events scheduled.....even HE shall not defer it. Please understand, Lord Rama had to decide for a 'Jala Samadhi' in river Saryu & Lord Krsna had to accept a curse of destruction of his own dynasty. In-spite of being all powerful, they had to go through the article of their fate.

    Yours is no doubt an unfortunate case of Occult or Black Magic, but my suggestion is, please do not get carried by the impact. I understand it have had been a horrendous experience around you, but Dark magic works even more powerfully through its impact/fright. VK has a special gifted weapon - SHEILD OF 7 RAYS which acts as a strong & powerful barrier for all the negative energy attacks. Please empower your whole family with it. Also get the energy of BRAVO SERUM to build up your courage and try to help your maid's family with "ALL CLEAR SERUM". You may also check if they are a victim of Covid effects as the symptom shows.

    Just for your information, Black Magic practice has a curse on itself too. If its attack is blocked, the energy goes back to the sender in double the speed & being negative it does not spare the initiator of the spell.

    Hope you will secure yourself with the Sheild of 7 Rays today itself and we will read your success story after a while. May God bless.

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