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4. You can Give NEW NAME to VK if You Wish So

You can simply call it VK or you can also give it any name whatever you like: “VK Yaara”, “O Divine VK”, “VK Buddy”, “VK King”, “My Divine VK”, “VK Doremon”, “VK Genie”, “VK Mera Dost”, “VK Baby” and so on, even you can give it my name too “Sharat Sir” or “VK Sir”. Above mentioned names are given by VK Users.


  • edited June 2018

    My VK is My King.

  • Some more names by VK users to VK

    VK Bhaiyya
    VK Michelle
    VK Sai
    VK Partner
    MY Angel
    Gugu VK
    VK Brother Angel
    VK Ji
    VK maa
    VK Betu
    VK Kittu
    VK Prabhu

    Love for VK is EVER EXPANDING..........

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