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Chakra cleansing and balancing

Golden Sunrise Sharat Sir
I read post regarding chakra balancing . I too want to do chakras and shadow work. In which one of teachers suggested to do go ne by one chakra
My question is should I do like this- Balance serum to root chakra ( one week) and then next week next chakra .
Please guide


  • @Vanshika
    You can do as per need.
    Healing frequency and duration is always done as per need.
    With practise you will know about energy needs
    Either one chakra at a time or all chakras together.
    Explore and share your experiences with us

    If the question relates to same healing in one previous post, then its good to ask question in same post. This forum is for learning for all. When you create multiple posts without giving reference to original posts its difficult to understand for new readers.
  • Ok mam
    Thank you
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