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Please need Guidance to Heal Relationship

Golden Sunrise????.... Please suggest to heal relationship, already using One soul Serums, Calm Down serum, love serum and shield of far it's been a month almost daily 4-5 times sending healing but no recognisable change.... Thank you????


  • I have draw the circle and mention name of couple (me and my husband)as guided in One soul serum on litarian website and doing healing daily at least 4-5 times with mention serum.... Please I need to relationship
  • @Pal
    The article says do healing with patience.
    If you keep counting days you will add more anxiety to yout own being.
    Read the posts in BASICS OF VK
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher My healing is correct?? Please tell me
  • @Pai
    When you have suvh question.
    Write down use of each energy how it will help you in a particular healing.
    This itself will help you know if it is useful or not.
    You can read full articles of each energy for more ideas. You can read VK success stories section too for more ideas
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