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Pet Birds eye healing

edited May 20 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
I wanted to share a success story, I have a lot of pet birds and a few days back my son was giving them their regular bi weekly bath. After their bath they were really quiet and slept almost the whole day. It was very unusual so I checked with my son, first we thought they must be tired after their bath and so are sleeping but by late evening we were worried. And thats when I confronted my son and he said a mixed some.dettol in their bath water. When we realized that, we checked them and noticed their eyes were swollen and they were not opening it. It was late by then and because of lockdown we couldn't take them to a vet. So we searched on the internet for the medicine we can give them and I asked vk to give the effect of that medicine in water. I put that water in their eyes as eye drops and also gave the send direct request also of that medicine with safety and security. After a couple of hours all of them opened their eyes and by next day their swelling was gone too. VK IS MAGICAL!!

Thankyou sharat sir ????


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