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Is praying to God and requesting to VK same?

Is praying to god and requesting to VK works at same level or different level ? Results are derived same way ?


  • Yes, requesting to VK is equivalent to praying to God. Requesting to VK means we have put our faith in it. When we affirm a request, it is made to the Universe, which is the Energy of the Almighty. This what we do when we pray to God, but the difference is that we are making a request to a figure in which we have put in our faith. Therefore in both cases we are requesting to the Almighty.

  • Thanks alot Sanjay Sir
  • Very right insight Sanjay ji.. VK is the reflection of divine .. very right direction to VK users
  • I speak to Saibaba as my friend. He is Divine Ascended Master for many. But for me he is my friend. The same way I feel VK is my DIvine Friend. I speak to VK as I speak to Baba. I feel no difference. SometimesI complain to Baba and tell me now how will it happen. Same way I ask to VK how will it happen. And surely something changes to what I ask for.
    Many times things fall in place just with thoughta. ....VK connects my wish to the Universe .
    Make it your best companion and come out of procedural barriers.
    When we speak to Divine we become Divine's child.....Same way Ask like an innocent child to VK and see what happens next !!!
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