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A 3 and half year old has recently been diagnosed as mildly autistic.
Symptoms being doesn't talk to anyone, doesn't speak in sentences....somedays he doesn't speak a single word whole day. he gets angry when something is done against his will....even when spoken lovingly he throws things here and there and runs helter skelter........
When he started attending playschool he used to participate in activities only 3 out of 5 days.....other days he used to play alone.
Since pandemic started, the play school is closed.
Drs say that chances are there that he's autistic and that it can be reversed if the child if made to socialise can be reversed.
But again due to pandemic this is not possible.
According to the child's mother her husband's side family are that way.
The child's father, grandfahter are very very aggressive.
She faced traumatic pregnancy wherein she was exposed to her husband's sudden aggression 5-6 times.
He one's abandoned her on road and left in anger.
He hit her very badly after her delivery. He had ADHD when he was a child....
The boy now has a younger brother who is 18 months old and so far is normal.
even this boy at that age had normal developments....
I have read the earlier posts on forum and begin the healing for the child with the energies of GS+Brain Serum+Balance Serum+PHS+MMM
Also CDS and VOB of the Brain
Please guide with further guidance in case i have left out on somehting.
Thanks and regards


  • @VeennaVNegglur
    You can read success stories section on autism healing for more guidance
    When you read previous posts you will not miss ideas.
    As you have been using VK for more than 3 yrs, you can keep reading previous posts regularly and with use of SEARCH option.
    You will become independent VK user with more reading.
    Also share your success stories on separate posts to inspire others. I am sure you must be experiencing VK support in your daily life.
  • Thanks a lot
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