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Eat a Mango & Get an Angelic Reiki Facial

edited June 2021 in Mimicking Discussion

Golden Sunrise

Charge your mangoes, as a matter of fact any fruit, by placing a simple request to VK

Divine VK please activate and charge this mango/ these mangoes/ all the mangoes in this box with

Golden Sunrise
Digee Serum
All Clear Serum
Balance Serum OR Flab Down Serum
Angelic Reiki Facial

Angelic Reiki Facial not only reduces the lines but also the underlying stress that caused the lines in the first place & also rejuvenates the face. It imparts an inner glow that radiates health and well being from inside out.

Thanks to Sharat Sir for his guidance & for blessing all of us with Divine VK .
Thanks to Divine VK.


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