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VK TIP 149 : Create an Energy-field with your Door Bell

Charge your Door Bell, with a simple request to VK

Divine VK please activate to charge the Door Bell with the energies of

Golden Sunrise
Shield of Seven Rays
Energy of Zapper Healing 9Volts 10KHz with safety & security
Energy of Steam Sanitization with safety & security

With the intention,
Whenever the door bell rings, an energy-field be created, outside the door & inside the door, and people or goods passing through it, are thoroughly sanitized with safety & security.

Thanks to Sharat Sir for his guidance & for blessing all of us with Divine VK .
Thanks to Divine VK.


  • I recommend you to charge your doorbell with an actual Sanitizer too for extra safety measure.

  • @SharatSir

    Thank-you so much for your guidance, I will do that too.

  • But this will last for just 30 minutes, right? Does that mean you have to keep sending this message to your doorbell every half hour?

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