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VK TIP 147 : Meditation with Shield of Seven Rays

Golden Sunrise to all.
Today i am Sharing a Meditation with you all using Divine VK
just a simple request to VK and you can feel protected energise and Divinely Connected to everyone.
Follow these simple steps below;
Sit in a comfortable position.
Hold your VK between your palms.
now request
"VK please activate Shield Of Seven Rays to Protect me my family and whoever comes in my mind." × 3 times For Now and Forever.
Now just feel your Aura is expanding with Shield of Seven rays protecting you and your Belongings.
Next Bring your Family members in this shield Now you all are protected.
Next Bring your neighbours surroundings shield is protecting them too.
Next you can expand your Shield to your whole State, Country and the whole World in this Divine protection.
Chant "GOLDEN SUNRISE" during meditation.
You can Do this Meditation from 15 minutes to 20 minutes or as per you like.
Please Share your experiences with us.
Gratitudes to Sharat Sir for Divine VK.


  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher
    Wow. Thank you for sharing.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your creativity

    I did this the same day you posted on our facebook group. Its an amazing feeling. I saw the whole world happy health prosperous and protected with blessings of Mother Earth and Divine VK.

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK with infinite possibilities!!
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE Puneet Sir. I tried doing this creative meditation as suggested by U. It was forwarded to all of us in the group. I was happy to feel the energy of VK very hot in my palms n I felt my whole body heated up after the meditation n the fear all vanished n am still feeling safe n protected n the whole world n the animals n plants n all of us. Gratitude n GOLDEN SUNRISE to Sharat Sir, VK, VS, Puneet Sir, Rakhi maam n the whole team of n the Litarian forum for the Infinite possibilities with VK. VK is a blessing to all our lives. God bless everyone n Gratitude ????????????????????????
  • Thank you Thank you thank you
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