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Connection with vk

Golden sunrise dear vk family
Thank u so much first of all for being a Divine healer and helping everyone.. i have a very ajeeb si request - i got my vk few days back and i have been trying to talk to it almost daily but somehow i dont feel connected to it.. like when u sit to talk u get a connection but i dont.. i just request and pray and talk.. am i missing something?


  • @Jayati_m
    Dont take the stress of connecting. Let it happen with ease. With more anxiety, you may delay the connectivity.

  • ???? will surely try mam
  • Golden Sunrise...
    I received the VK few days back, even I am not able to connect to it.
    Even after wearing it I am not feeling energized.
    I am just requesting few simple request like getting up energized or having a deep sleep but these are not manifesting.
    Please guide..

  • @bbvishu
    Dont take the stress of connecting or manifesting. Give it time.
    Regarding sleep what was your request to VK
  • Golden Sunrise...
    I just requested VK for Deep sleep and wake up fresh in the morning

  • @bbvishu
    And what was the outcome
    When did you make the request and when did u get up
  • I made the request to VK before going to sleep, kept the VK below the pillow and slept. But I had disturbed sleep, when I woke up I was not feeling fresh.

  • @bbvishu
    You are not mentioning the timings of sleep and getting up which i asked you.

    Check VK Tip 51 it specifies number of hours of sleep and timing of waking up and also it says power nap
    I dont know how many hours you sleep. If you have a shorter period say less than 7 hrs then power nap request helps instead of just requesting deep sleep. .
    If the mind is highly disturbed then this power nap request may not manifest.
    Here the energy need is high to settle the disturbed mind.
    If you mimic deep sleep follow correctly as given in VK tip 51.
    If there is mental disturbance follow VK Tip 26
  • Golden Sunrise
    Thank you for your reply.
    I go to sleep by 10:30PM and wake up 6 AM
    I will check per you guidance and update you.

  • Dear @Jayati_m,
    Golden SunRise, Excuse me for intruding, but just wanted to share my thoughts relating to the connection that you are seeking.

    Rakhi ji is right to suggest you to give some time for this connection to happen. Actually what you call a connection is Relationship, so please think, how do we come into a relationship? Relationship happens, when you are in wave length with someone, or you like company of someone, a relationship takes an ooze. By & by it grows stronger and both understand each other. This relationship is amongst living beings where action and reactions are visible.

    Now, think about relationship with your God....your Deity, whom you have never seen except in the form of a photograph or idol. But your relationship with your deity, I hope, is profound. You adore & respect & feel connected to your Deity irrespective of the fact that, mostly you have not got your desires or prayers answered....did you?? (@bbvishu - this is for you too to understand); still you always feel connected & talk about all your distress & discomforts. This is the type of connection that should be established with VK. I reckon that mostly we consider VK as an instrument or Magic wand and expect it to give "Agni-Pariksha" (fire-adspection) every time we desire or affirm something. I mean, we think ....."Let's see if it really works....!" or wondering "when I have affirmed, why is it not working?" etc. It should be remembered that this could be called "utilization" and not connection.

    Connection comes with the pure with your with your dearest friend....or with your parents. When your soul is speaking the replies vibrating in your mind. It comes when you believe a child is not afraid, walking with his father, at the verge of a height, because he believes in his mind that his father won't let him fall down. Such "Bhava" with VK connects you to it instantly.

    Now, this is my opinion and feeling, just to express my connection with VK. I have made dozens of disturbed babies sleep like a sheep & as many grown-ups into a sound sleep without even knowing that they are been healed. You may also generate such connection, without a doubt. Please give it an honest try...of course with ease to grow.

    Have a happy healing

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