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Law of attraction is it real

Is law of attraction real?

How can we all believe in karma and LOA at the same time ?

Means if a person has a debt of bad karma from past lives, how will loa help him stay happy and fulfilled ?

Please enlighten


  • @ShivGanjoo

    Will you stop asking for good or praying for good even if you know about your karmas?

    Do you choose to work on desires or do you choose to sit sadly on your situation?

  • Ideally a person must try his best in whatever is in his control.
  • @ShivGanjoo
    You are right.
    Law of attraction and law of karma both exiats.
    Keep doing your karmas says Shri Krishna.
    And be aligned with the universe and raise your vibrations to receive more. Keep praying to Divine keep asking Universe to deliver the best to you.
    Must read articles on Karma and articles on LOA on litairian website to know more
  • Ok I'll read them again
  • So it implies that the people who really practice LOA and specially people who have been blessed with VK, its just the result of Good Karma of past.
  • Dear @ShivGanjoo,
    Golden SunRise...!!

    Just happened to go through this thread, I am sorry to comment so late on your last post. Please understand the fact that the doctrines of LOA & Karma are complete & specific in itself, yet they become interlinked somewhere, while VK is comprehensive in supporting both.

    People who are blessed with VK could be those who have good Karmas in their credit, but it is not a thumb rule. Just consider that people with some bad karmas could also be blessed with VK to have the opportunity to mend their Karmas....isn't it?

    For practicing LOA, one does not need a VK. It only requires your attitude towards the ups & downs of the life. Think good... be hopeful and attract goodness. The change in the outlook does the magic.

    Now let's integrate the statements. All has debts of bad Karma from the past life as no one is God. But it never stops us to think good & be hopeful. Irrespective of Good /Bad karma, we all are endowed with opportunities to dilute our bad karmas. It is entirely upon us that how do we react. I would opine that please do not dwell in the past, as you cannot rewind time to amend what has been done. Also, because you are ignorant about the future, you can hardly do anything about it. Let try to decorate our 'present', because only this is in our hand. Once, by our Karma, we fill our present with goodness, it will not only act as a balancer for the past, but will be an asset for our future too. This is where LOA helps us. Attract Goodness in the present - no one can stop you doing this. Your adverse Karmas would be taken care of.

    Hope I am clear in my views. In case of any further doubt. Please feel free to write.

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