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How many requests when using energy circle?

Sorry if this has been asked, I searched the forum and website and couldn't find a clear answer.

If I have two names in a circle, can I use 4 requests on that circle (at the same time):

  • All Clear Serum
  • One Soul Serum
  • Love Serum
  • Golden Sunrise


  • @gwpmike
    Which energy circle whose names and what is the purpose. Your question is not clear...
    When you want to know about any combination, its about working of each energy and check whether it relates to same healing.
    This is explained several times on this forum.

    VK possibilities are infinite. If you dont find information to every aspect you can use your own intelligence and analogy and go ahead by reading respective articles.

    In one soul serum article its already explained though.
  • Yes I have read the articles on the website and it's made said that you can only use a certain number of requests when charging water (I think it said don't use more than seven), and also that you must use requests of the same type. For example, you can't use both money and health serums at the same time, you have to use them separately. So clearly, there are indeed limitations.

    I have read the entire article on One Soul Serum, as well as the articles on all the other serums I mentioned. At the end of the articles, it gives an example to using the serums on a circle with 2 names (the name of yourself and whoever you want to heal your relationship with). However, in these examples, it lists only two serums. It says you can use One Soul Serum and Love Serum on the circle with the names.

    So my question is, can I use 4 serums - the ones I mentioned, on a circle with my name and somebody else's name. My intention is healing a relationship where there has been a "falling out", or lack of communication.

  • @gwpmike
    The circle you are refering to is not an EC its just a circle.
    Now list down the purpose of each energy in relationship. If you feel it relates to same healing use it. This is mentioned by you also. Then why not go ahead.
    The article on one soul serum talks about adding energy of ALL CLEAR SERUM too in cases where required. You can apply analogy.
    It also list many other energies that can be added. You must read the whole article with patience. Must read points no 7 to 13. It clearly mentions use of other energies.
    Where does it say you can use only OSS and LS????
  • I did read the entire article, twice actually. There is no mention of how many requests you can use, but in all the examples there was only two serums. Never three or four. So I just wanted to make sure that there is no limit for how many you can use. But you answered my question. Thanks.

  • @gwpmike
    Gramatically when the word ADD is refered it means add to previous.
  • @gwpmike
    If you give yourself time to read the VK success stories section, you will get to read how VK users have added other serums along with ONE SOUL SERUM and LOVE SERUM.
  • @gwpmike
    I dont know how you searched on forum.
    I just used the key word RELATIONSHIP and i found this VK experience with
    You must read the VK experience on smart searching for solutions on this forum.
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